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Our Commitment to the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs

We are committed to driving the growth of Canada’s future leaders, innovators, and social change-makers. To further this goal, Venture Development Institute is proud to be a repeat sponsor of the Queen’s Entrepreneur’s Competition (QEC) and UNB’s Apex Business Plan Competition. Our initiatives are enabling the next generation of entrepreneurs, visionaries, and game-changers to make their mark on the world.

Over 200+ Clients

A Product Studio to Transform Innovation into Value

We help businesses navigate the world of innovation and leverage technology trends to develop new products that drive value. We offer support and financing tools for startups, and act as an innovation engine for enterprises. Our experience supporting large companies and startups gives us the unique capability to integrate the best of both worlds to accelerate your progress.

Our Global Clients

Saivya C.

Saivya C.

Founder of RideBlitz

“The program met and exceeded many of my expectations – the attention to detail, the prompt correspondence and scheduling, and the overall flow of the program was very impressive.”

Thejake W.

Thejake W.

Founder of Drone Tech

“It was an extremely valuable journey with the expansion program. It helped our team shape our scope and strategies to establish our startup in Canada. The insight we received from VDI will be invaluable.”

Marco R.

Marco R.

Founder of Crop to Cart

“First, I want to thank the entire VDI team for their extraordinary support. Without a doubt, the sessions we have had have been of great value and have helped us to improve our business model.”

Marish S.

Marish S.

Founder of Dongamers Inc

“The expertise the VDI team has provided us throughout our process has been exceptional. We have achieved our goal with their time efficiency and attention to detail in the entire process. So excited for the journey we are about to embark upon towards success.”

Mike H.

Mike H.

Founder of ArtBat

“The overall experience with the VDI expansion program is excellent, the team from VDI is highly professional and they offer tremendous help throughout the Pre-Expansion program.”

Our Partnerships

We have established partnerships with service providers and agencies to help our clients build world-class solutions.

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