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A thoughtfully created product is the first step towards building a successful company. Following best practices and with expert guidance, our product development process will help identify and overcome potential challenges early before investing time and resources unnecessarily. Maximise your time and resources with VDI to build a successful startup.

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Development costs can be prohibitive. We have partnerships and processes to help facilitate the financing of your project.

Payment Schedule

Payment Schedule

We can develop a schedule for your project that will help divide fees into smaller, more manageable payments.

Government Incentives

Government Incentives

VDI is a MITACS approved incubator and can help identify and leverage government programs to help offset your project costs.

Product Development

Our experienced teams are here to help you develop and deploy reliable software solutions that solve your business or market problems—no matter the domain or industry. You provide the domain expertise and a product owner while retaining the intellectual property rights of your product. Our professional and reliable teams will take care of the rest, guaranteeing the best results to help you succeed.

We specialize in:

Agile Development Framework

At VDI, we use agile frameworks to ensure our product development processes are iterative and deliver value quickly. Plans and deliverables are constantly evaluated, allowing rapid response to any changes that may arise. This ensures that our projects are completed faster and with fewer complications.
Our approach is collaborative and results-oriented, following five primary phases:
The process of product development is crucial for a startup to translate ideas into a tangible product or feature that creates value for your customers.

This comprehensive approach involves several steps, including:

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Our Partnerships

We build partnerships with service providers and agencies to help you build top-notch solutions

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